Pepsi has new summer flavors, including Mango


The spring and summer seasons have no shortage of new beverages and drink flavors. The latest is now Pepsi, with Mango among other new flavors.

Each time we believe we have found our new favorite beverage, a new company or brand release a new one or make an announcement about an upcoming flavor. Pepsi is the latest to gift us all with fun flavors and now I’m confused about what to drink.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving all of these options. But there are so many new drinks this season that foodies are getting whiplash. I have yet to sample Pepsi’s latest offering, but you can bet anything you want that I will! I already have my eye on the Mango flavored Pepsi. Because, is there a more summery flavor than mango? I think not.

Mango isn’t the only flavor Pepsi is introducing. Also to come are Pepsi Berry and Pepsi Lime. Supposedly, these are all made with “a splash of real fruit juice.” Hmm, not that we don’t believe it, but that must be one small splash, because soda is anything but natural or real. But hey, we’re just saying, not complaining!

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Where and when can we find these? We still have several weeks to go! So, at least this means we still have time to try out all other drinks out there.

These three new Pepsi flavors arrive mid June, stay tuned for an exact date, though it is believed the drinks will slowly be making their debut across markets towards the end of the month.

You will likely find these beverages wherever drinks are sold, but the release states Walmart and Target stores are sure to carry them in eight-packs. What do you think?

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Will you be hunting for Pepsi’s new flavors when June arrives or do you have enough new food and drinks to last you the season? Share with us in the comments!