Ben & Jerry’s new summer flavors are must-haves


It may still be spring, but that isn’t stopping Ben & Jerry’s from releasing new summer ice cream!

Many food and drink companies and brands are keeping all of us foodies on our toes with the release of new flavors and products! The latest to blow us away is popular ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s! These summer flavors are definitely must-haves this season (and always).

Ready for the scoop? We’ve got it. Below is all you need to know about these new flavors, as well as when and where you can find them.

Spring and summer are all about refreshing drinks and ice cream on ice cream! And really, which brand is better than Ben & Jerry’s when it comes to tasty ice cream flavors? The company never seems to stop coming up with unique tastes and products — these two new flavors are proof.

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First, there’s Red, White, and Blueberry. What does that immediately remind us all about? Fourth of July, of course! Somebody start getting the cooler ready, Ben & Jerry’s Red, White, and Blueberry is coming to the family backyard grill party.

Ben & Jerry’s Red, White, and Blueberry is blueberry and raspberry ice cream with vanilla ice cream swirls. Oh, but that’s not all! This ice cream also packs a crunch thanks to chopped strawberries and shortbread pieces. Come on, it wouldn’t be Ben & Jerry’s without going one step further.

The second flavor is called Ice Cream Sammie! Love chocolate? This one is just for you! The Ice Cream Sammie flavor is vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookies and a chocolate cookie swirl! Can you say, yes please?

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So, how soon and where can you find these new flavors? Both are Walmart exclusives and are available immediately. Rush to buy these before the summer season officially swings in.

Which of the two new flavors are you most excited to try? Share with us in the comments!