Dunkin’s new lip balm gives you even more donut goodness


Want your donut fix without the sugar and calories? Dunkin’ has you covered with their new product. Here are all the details.

What’s better than a donut? Not much. But while having a donut every day is not advisable, Dunkin’s new product allows you to enjoy the smell without the sometimes adverse side effects of eating their sugary delights.

Dunkin’ is offering new lip balms. While the donut chain has offered lip balm in different flavors before, this new one is based on one of their best-selling donuts: the Munchkin.

The balms come in a pack of two with possibly the cutest packaging known to man. Just like the delicious donuts, the lip balms come in a white carrier with Dunkin’s signature orange and pink font. The pack comes with a white one and an orange and pink one. But do they actually smell like a Munchkin?

According to Delish, the white option smells very sweet while the orange and pink one has “a strong marshmallow- scent.” Whether that translates into smelling like a Munchkin is something you’ll have to find out for yourself.

The set of lip balms are currently being sold for $5.99 at participating donut shops and are a limited edition product. So if you see them at your local Dunkin, grab them while you can!

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What do you think of these new donut-flavored lip balms? Will you be running to your local Dunkin’ to buy a set? Let us know in the comments!