Best bars to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Florida


Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching and Florida’s bars will be ready! If you’re searching for the perfect bar, use this story as your Cinco de Mayo guide.

Ask anyone who will be partying at the many bars on Cinco de Mayo about the history of the holiday, and blank stares will probably be the norm.

For many, Cinco de Mayo is the day in which many get out to their favorite bars and drink-and-party the day away. Heck, some even call out sick just for the opportunity down as many Coronas as possible. While Cinco de Mayo has developed into one of the world’s premier holidays, drinking was not what the forefathers had in mind when the holiday was produced.

To give you a bit of a history lesson that I’m sure no one will care for, Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican celebration to commemorate the Mexican Army’s stomping of the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla. While Cinco de Mayo is a prominent holiday, it is actually more celebrated here in the States, because of, you know, the drinking and partying.

Now that the history lesson is out of the way, let’s get into the meaning of this list, which is to showcase the best bars to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Florida. Will go from the Keys to the Panhandle and keep in mind that just because your bar may not have made the list, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great spot to celebrate May 5. So, comment below on which bars you think is the best at keeping the drinks flowing on Cinco de Mayo.

Florida Keys: Sloppy Joe’s Bar (Key West)

Sloppy joes may be on the menu here, but the Sloppy Joe’s Bar (201 Duval St.)  true claim to fame is the drinks and the party atmosphere. The bar is open until 4 AM, giving those revelers plenty of time to party like its May 5.

South Florida: The Wynwood Marketplace (Miami)

It has “Cinco” in the name, why would it not be included on this list? The Wynwood Marketplace (2250 NW 2nd Ave.) will host Cinco de Wynwood, which will feature live music, giant margaritas, a Mariachi Band, and a thrifter market. I’ll be in the place just for the Mariachi Band.

Southwest Florida: Cabanas Beach Bar & Grille (Ft. Myers Beach)

Yes, this beach bar sits within a beach resort, but if you book a room at the Diamondhead (or can hope that the front desk hears your pleas), then you could gain access to the Cabanas Beach Bar & Grille (2000 Estero Blvd.) and do Cinco de Mayo the way its supposed to be done in Florida — on the beach.

Tampa Bay: Yard of Ale (St. Pete)

Judging by its name, you wouldn’t think that this bar would be a place to Cinco de Mayo-it up. However, this is why you don’t judge things by its cover. Yard of Ale (260 1st. Ave N.) will host a weekend-long Fiesta that will feature a Corona open bar and a Jalapeno eating competition. Did someone say Jalapeno eating contest?

Central Florida: SHOTS Orlando (Orlando)

SHOTS (69 E. Pine St.) is a lively downtown Orlando bar that will host one of the best Cinco de Mayo parties in Central Florida. With $5 Tequila and $6 Don Julio Margaritas, you may want to break out the best sombrero and pray that the Easter Bunny has turned pro in MMA in case you get into any trouble.

First Coast: The Social Lounge (St. Augustine)

America’s oldest city will definitely be in the Cinco de Mayo spirit, and one of the best spots to get your party on is The Social Lounge (59 Cuna St.) in the city’s historic Spanish Quarter neighborhood. The Social Lounge is a place where folks from all ages and backgrounds can come together and celebrate the good life with cold drinks and awesome staff.

Panhandle: Bottoms Up Bar (Miramar Beach)

With the Panhandle still recovering from Hurrican Micheal, it will be of good will to head up to this stretch of Florida to support the bars in the area for Cinco de Mayo, especially Bottoms Up Bar (50 S. Holiday Rd.). Sitting in Miramar Beach, Bottoms Up Bar is kind of off the beaten path, but once you find it, you’ll find a place that feels like you’re right at home with your ice-cold Corona.

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Agree with our list? Which bar do you go to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Comment below as we would love to know! Hey, we rhymed!