Disney subscription box of goodies can now be delivered to your door thanks to Boxney


Are you looking for a taste of Disney at home? Do you like the idea of subscription boxes delivering new treats monthly? Then Boxney is the answer.

There are a lot of subscription box services in the world right now. From snacks to beauty products and even dog-friendly offerings, there seems to be something for everyone and everything. But that can get boring and even overwhelming, so while you may roll your eyes at the idea of another subscription box, we think you will love the idea of having Disney goodies delivered to you.

Who wouldn’t want the magic of Disney World delivered to their door every month? Considering it can get extremely expensive to head to the park every time something new and exciting is unveiled, this new subscription allows hardcore Disney fans a chance to have magic and wonder brought to you.

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According to Delish, there is a new service in town called Boxney that offers a little slice of magic in a box. Not only do they offer a monthly subscription box service, but you can also snag gift boxes and even one-time offerings. And you may be wondering what comes in these magical mystery boxes, well have no fear as every month the team at Boxney heads to the parks to pick up a new variety of treats to tease you with.

Some boxes might have Goofy Taffy or Main Street Maple Bacon Popcorn, while others will have character cookies that are usually only available at the park. Think of each box as being specially curated for your Disney loving heart.

And while it can get expensive shopping in Downtown Disney, there are different levels for the Boxney service, which means you don’t necessarily have to bust your budget to be treated to magical goodies. There are three different sizes of subscription box, a $30 box, a $60 box, and a $110 box. (The price of each box does not include shipping and handling.)

For the $30 box, you will receive three to four treats. In the medium box, there are between four to seven items, which may even include pins and non-edible treats. Finally, there is a large box that comes with a whopping 10 to 15 products.

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Honestly, this is the kind of subscription box we can get behind. Not only does it bring us the magic of Disney right to our doors, but it is a variety of products we may never have tried even if we were at the park. And you never have to worry about getting repeats because Boxney keeps track of the goodies they send out so you get unique boxes every month. Basically this is a win-win for those of us who love Disney and treats.

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What do you think of this subscription service? Is this the kind of box you would want to have delivered on a monthly basis? Tell us what you think in the comments.