Ranking Pepsi’s new summer flavors


Regular soda is a thing of the past, this season is all about fruity drinks and Pepsi is the current king of summer drinks.

Last month, Pepsi released three new flavors to help us prep for the summer season! If you haven’t tried them, you need to ASAP. The company sent a few of these my way and I couldn’t wait to drink and try them all! Below, we tell you all about each flavor, the taste, and our personal ranking.

The flavors are: Berry, Lime, and Mango. Immediately, Mango caught my eye. There isn’t a more summery flavor than mango (and it’s a personal favorite). Along with the beverages, Pepsi also shared recipes for mocktails and cocktails, all using Pepsi’s flavored soda.

The Rankings

#3 Berry

The taste of berry is definitely present, but it feels inconsistent with every sip. At times, it tastes like berry, but others it’s just regular Pepsi with an unidentifiable flavor. Though unpredictable, the Berry Pepsi does offer something new for those seeking more than regular Pepsi flavor.

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#2 Lime

Lime was interesting — in a good way! It’s very zingy and not at all sour as I first imagined it would be. Because when you think of lime, you assume the taste will be at least a little bitter. It’s actually more sweet than anything. Pepsi Lime is the drink you want to have when you need something super refreshing. Try serving it in a glass full of ice, delicious!

#1 Mango

Make way for the ultimate flavor of the summer: Pepsi Mango! As I previously mentioned, I was the most excited to try Pepsi’s Mango flavored soda. I’m so happy to report it did not disappoint! On the contrary, this drink is everything I wanted it to be and more.

This drink reminds me of the Jumex Mango beverage, but a soda version of it — which makes it taste so much better! It’s a very sweet drink and the flavor is stronger than the Lime and Berry.

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Have you tried these out yet? If so, which one is your favorite? Don’t miss out if you haven’t checked these out! Berry, Lime, and Mango can be found at your local massive retailer.