Girl finds condom in McDonald’s PlayPlace


An Australian girl found something unexpected when she went to go play in a McDonald’s PlayPlace playground.

Imagine letting your kids loose at a McDonald’s PlayPlace playground, only for them to come back and tell you they found a condom on the stairs leading to the slide? That’s what happened at not one, but two McDonald’s PlayPlaces in Australia, causing us to wonder what the heck are those Aussies doing down under?

The first “reported” incident happened in a McDonald’s in Perth, where a 2-year-old found a used condom while eating her Happy Meal. Thinking nothing of what she was touching, the girl put the condom in her mouth, which horrified her parents when they learned of what she had.

According to Fox News, the parents rushed her to the bathroom to wash her hands and mouth. The parents then had to test their little girl for STDs, but nothing came back positive, thank God.

Then, recently, across the country in the state of Queensland, a mom reported that her daughter found an unwrapped condom inside the PlayPlace at their local “Maccas” (as it’s called Down Under). According to the Queensland Courier Mail, the girl unwrapped the condom and was about to blow it up, until mom saw it and got the condom and smacked it out of her hand.

The rash of condoms inside Australian McDonald’s led to spokespeople to make a hasty claim that the company “do everything we can to ensure our restaurants are clean and safe for our customers.”

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That’s fine and dandy, but what about making sure employees and adult customers are not doing “extracurricular activities” inside a place made for kids?