Is Boxney, the Disney food delivery subscription box service, real?


In a world of one too many subscription box services, Boxney captured our full attention. But is this new service legit?

There are way too many subscription box services and no shortage of what you can get in the mail — from clothes to food from around the world, there’s a box for that! However, when buzz began to circulate online about Boxney, a monthly service that delivers snacks and goodies from Disney to your door, we were immediately intrigued.

Who doesn’t want to receive snacks from Disney parks without having to stop by? Disney parks have some of the sweetest and most unique foods and snacks in the world. Isn’t enjoying an authentic Disney snack while at the park part of the experience, though? I have mixed feelings about this service.

Straight away, Boxney makes it known it’s not affiliated with Disney, which may be why everything about it has disappeared. That’s right, just as I was about to check it out, I get a “404 Forbidden Error” window instead of the page. Site maintenance? A glitch? Maybe. But then why have posts about the service on Instagram also vanished?

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PopSugar reported on this earlier this month, but as you can see here the image has been removed from Instagram. Very strange. All other sites who have reported about Boxney provide links to the site that are no longer working.

Did Disney find an issue with Boxney? Again, I believe Disney snacks should remain exclusively available to guests while at the park and not distributed around the world. It just defeats the purpose and experience of visiting a Disney park. At least, it does in my opinion.

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What’s your take? Did you get to learn more about Boxney before it went offline? Is it just an online error or is something up? Share your thoughts with us!