Marshmallow Moon, Maple Creme and other upcoming Oreo cookies flavors


We can never have too many Oreo cookie flavors, which is why the brand has a lot in store for us. Here are all the flavors to look forward to.

First on our list are cookies that are out of this world, the Marshmallow Moon Oreos! These will be available on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing, so the name of the cookies now makes perfect sense. When was the moon landing? July 16! So the cookies should be spotted on shelves around July 16, 2019.

As a bonus, the Marshmallow Moon cookies will come in glow-in-the-dark packaging and special stickers!

If you can’t wait that long, get the campfire started and search for Oreo classic favorites, S’mores! Available now. But there’s more to look forward to…

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Also on our must-have list are Oreo’s Thins Latte. I don’t know about you, but these seem like they will be perfect to have with a coffee! Expect to see this in stores in June.

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Next up we have Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip. Mint is the perfect treat to enjoy in the summer, and partnering with Baskin Robbins? Dreams do come true! Find them mid-July.

Finally, we have the Maple Creme flavored Oreo cookies that will be available late August, just in time to welcome the fall season. Maple is a must each fall, so we can’t wait to add these to our pantry when the cooler weather begins.

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Which of the Oreo cookies flavors above are you most excited to try? For us, we can’t wait to taste the Marshmallow Moon cookies and Maple Creme flavored Oreos. In the meantime, excuse us while we go hunt for a few packs or the S’mores cookies!