Hershey’s new Emoji Bars are the perfect summer treats


The average person may see just another Hershey’s chocolate candy in these Emoji Bars, but parents see a lot more!

You may have learned earlier this month that, for the first time in Hershey’s 125-year history, the chocolate brand is changing its look! Soon, you’ll be spotting Hershey’s Emoji Bars, and they’ll be tough to miss with bright yellow emojis pasted in the cover.

Featuring the same delicious taste we all know and love, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Emoji Bars keep the fun going beyond the wrapper as each bar is stamped with an emoji. 25 of the most popular emojis have been selected and parents are loving it!

You see, kids (of all ages, we don’t judge) see more than a Hershey’s chocolate, they see adventure. I’ve been using these Emoji Bars that Hershey’s very kindly mailed my way all week with my kids and they’re in love!

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Parents, these make the perfect inexpensive treat for good behavior and other rewards (and bribes!). Children become excited to find out which Emoji they’ll get next. Summer is off to a great start! These also make great budge-friendly treats for teachers as the school year ends or just a friend!

Having a birthday party this summer? Emoji Bars will be a hit!

Oh, and these emojis aren’t simply craved into the Hershey’s Bars. You know Hershey’s has a reputation for quality! All of the Emojis I have seen so far are perfectly stamped and clear.

Hershey’s Emoji Bars photo via Sandy C.

When and where can you find these Emoji Bars? No set date has been revealed, but they are being released everywhere chocolate is sold across the states sometime this summer in both standard size and snack size. If you find one, be sure to buy it! These are only around for a limited time through the end of summer.

"Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Emoji Bars come in standard 1.55 oz. bar (SRP: $0.99), 9.45 oz. snack size bag (SRP: $4.09) and a 2.25 oz. five pack snack size (SRP $1.06)."

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Did you favorite emojis make it to a Hershey’s Bar?