Grocery Stores open on Memorial Day 2019


Don’t get caught out. Make sure you visit the Grocery Stores that are open this Memorial Day. Here are all of the Grocery Stores open on Memorial Day 2019.

With it being Memorial Day, plenty of business and stores will be closed. The national holiday to remember those who gave their lives while in service sees the vast majority of federal buildings and non-essential services close their doors. Grocery Stores, however, are not quite as straight forward when it comes to being closed or not. So, let’s take a look at the Grocery Stores open on Memorial Day 2019.

Ok. So, the good news is. There is only one grocery store set to close on Memorial Day and that is Costco. Along with your smaller, homegrown, grocery department stores, they are the only ones who are guaranteed to close during Memorial Day.

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Everyone else is expected to be open, however, their opening hours are not guaranteed to be open as per normal. With it being a nationally recognized holiday, a lot of stores are expected to adopt holiday opening hours.

Which means they will more than likely open later and close earlier than normal. So what you need to do, in order to not get caught out, is reach out to your local grocery store, whether it be Walmart, Target, Whole’s Food, etc, and find out from a staff member themselves, what they plan to do on Memorial Day. Because open hours can vary from town to town.

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So, what t do is run an online search of your local grocery store. A contact telephone number will be pinged back in the search results. You can then use this to speak to a staff member directly about what they plan to do on Memorial Day.

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What are your plans this Memorial Day? Did you find this post useful? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts below.