Is Krispy Kreme open on Memorial Day, 2019?


Fancy an original glazed doughnut on Memorial Day? Will it even be possible? Is Krispy Kreme open on Memorial Day 2019?

Nothing makes a long weekend better than a good olde fashioned doughnut from Krispy Kreme. At least that is what I think anyway. Memorial Day weekend is here and plenty of us will either have the day or the long weekend off to remember those who, while serving in the United States of America’s Armed Forces, lost their lives. During this weekend, plenty of stores will close. Will Krispy Kreme be one of them? Is Krispy Kreme open on Memorial Day, 2019?

Let’s take a look.

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First of all, they will 100% not be closed during the whole Memorial Day weekend. They will certainly be open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the long weekend. It is Monday, Memorial Day itself, May 27, that is not 100% clear.

And that is because some stores may close, while others may be open. Those who do open are also not guaranteed to be open as per normal.

The consensus, however, is your local Krispy Kreme should be open and ready to serve, you just need to double check they are open as normal, and they have not decided to adopt holiday business hours or anything.

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So, what do to. Is contact the store directly. This is, surprisingly, really easy to do; because all you need to do is run an internet search of the chain you plan to visit and take note of the contact telephone number.

With that number, you can speak to a staff member directly and ask them what the plan is for their store specifically on Memorial Day. Are they open? If so, how long are they open for.

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What are your plans this Memorial Day weekend? Was this post helpful? Share your thoughts just below.