New Oreo cookie flavors: S’mores vs Thins Latte


In case you’ve been missing out, two new Oreo cookie flavors are in stores: S’mores and Thins Latte! Which one is the best? Let’s break down the tastes!

Earlier this month, Oreo sent some us some delicious goodies to keep us updated on the latest Oreo flavors to land in store shelves! S’mores flavored cookies arrived in May, but Thins Latte have just been arriving in shops this week, have you caught them at your local market yet?

They’re both delicious in their own way, and each is unique enough for us to pick a favorite. Which stole our hearts the most? The S’mores Oreo cookies, of course! These are timeless!

The S’mores Oreo cookies take you back to campfire days under the stars accompanied with friends and family! These limited-edition treats feature a graham flavored cookie hugging a thin marshmallow and a layer of chocolate flavored creme. It tastes just like a real s’more, except it’s not nearly as messy as heating up real s’mores.

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Speaking of messy, these cookies are perfect for children. And with the summer vacation season in full swing, now’s a great time to get out the s’mores! With these cookies, you can skip the fire and melting chocolate, and get the same great taste.

Don’t worry, parents, there are Oreo cookies in store for you, too. Though hey, you may love S’mores Oreo cookies just as much (if not more). Presenting Oreo Thins Latte, bringing the aroma of your favorite coffee shop into your home! These feature latte flavored creme.

To answer your question, yes, these truly do have a latte flavor and you can smell the sweetness as soon as you open the package. They’re amazing, but I have to go with S’mores for the nostalgia and summer vibes.

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What is your favorite Oreo cookie flavor? Share with us in the comments!