Tequila Slaps: The drinking game played by the cast of Dark Phoenix


If you ever wondered what the cast of Dark Phoenix, or potentially any other movie, got up to between shots it is a drinking game called Tequila Slaps.

Sophie Turner, who most will know for her role in Game of Thrones, recently spoke to Conan O’Brien about what her and the cast of the up and coming X-Men movie Dark Phoenix got up to in between shots.

Surprisingly, but also not so surprising as well, the cast played a drinking game in between takes.

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The drinking game was called Tequila Slaps, and it sounds both painful and amazing.

So, the drinking game goes like this. You pair up with a friend, or someone you really want to slap, whatever takes your fancy really, and stand face to face with one another. Then, one of you takes a shot of tequila and the other person tries to slap you before you swallow your shot of tequila.

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The person doing the slapping will know if they have done it right because tequila will come flying out of the persons mouth.

It’s a crazy sounding drinking game, but being honest, it does sound super fun as well.

Sophie Turner not only shared the story about what her and the cast of Dark Phoenix got up to. She showed Conan O’Brien how to play the game as well.

Check out the video just below:

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So, what do you think of the unique drinking game? Will you be playing the game? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts just below.