The Chef Show Season 1 Episode 2: Avengers Atlanta Review

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The Optimist Shrimp Toast

There’s tons of butter on the shrimp for this shrimp toast at The Optimist, along with some chili paste, cooked in olive oil, before being put into 700-degree heaven. It cooks fast and smells great.

For the bread, Favreau takes on toast duties and uses Choi’s grilled cheese method on the rustic bread. Considering the popularity of the grilled cheese in Chef, it isn’t surprising that Favreau gets sent a lot of grilled cheese photos on Twitter. Are they good, though? He doesn’t say.

Interestingly, Chef Ford actually believes this shrimp toast is more about the bread than the shrimp. The broth has all the goodness of the flavors in the pan and the shrimp, and it’s soaked up by the bread so, essentially the bread is the most flavourful item on this plate. The shrimp still looks good, though!

Avengers Seafood Platter

It’s the Avengers! Okay, only two on-screen Avengers—Robert Downey Jr, aka Iron Man, and Tom Holland, aka Spider-Man—along with a few behind-the-scenes Avengers, Kevin Feige, Executive Producer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of several MCU films.

According to Feige, the Kogi truck, which shot Roy Choi to fame, is a major hit with Marvel crews. It’s brought in as a treat on set during post-production for the staff who work 24/7 on the visual effects. That’s great to hear.

The first course is an insane seafood platter. Holland has never had an oyster before so is looking deeply skeptical about trying one. Choi kindly prepares one for him with some cocktail sauce. Unsurprisingly, Holland loves it. Who wouldn’t? It’s oysters.

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While digging into the platter, Choi explains that chefs go to each other’s restaurants and try to out-do each other with their culinary skills. It’s a kind of showmanship but also to share knowledge.

The Optimist Main Dishes

Next up is a tuna poke which looks so fresh and inviting. While the group is eating, Holland talks about his little brother Sam’s love for cooking. Apparently, his best dish is a chicken larb, which everyone laughs about because there’s a pivotal scene about larb in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

And then they get some shrimp slaw dog and burgers. It’s clearly a happy kitchen, notes Favreau and Choi, and the chefs also have a chant—“Oui, Chef’’—to let the conductor know that they’ve heard their orders and are working in synchronization. There’s even more food—fish and salads. The group keeps saying they’re full but they’re eating it. How?