Where can you buy merch from Chipotle’s Pride collection?


In case you missed it, we’re here to get you all caught up on Chipotle’s new Pride merch, which launch just earlier this week!

Always there to support a good cause, and never one to fall behind on trends, the restaurant recently announced its line for their “Love What Makes You Real” campaign during Pride month. The merchandise is colorful, cute, and benefits go to a great cause. And like its menu, Chipotle doesn’t keep you in the dark, the site tells you exactly where every penny of yours is going.

Where you can you check it out and make a purchase? Their Chipotle Pride collection website here. Now, where does the money go? Let’s look at an example!

One of the items available is a white shirt with a colorful wrapped burrito and the tagline “Home Estas?” This shirt is priced at $20, and the description reads that $10.50 from the $20 you pay will benefit the Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ young people under the age of 25.

If you have been wanting to give back, but aren’t sure how, this is the perfect way to do so!

Love the restaurant but try to avoid it for health reasons? There’s plenty of low-calorie, healthy meals you can find at Chipotle! We recently covered several options, some of these include Chipotle’s “Plant-Powered” bowls, a new addition to their menu that rolled out a couple of months ago.

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Are you a Chipotle junkie like us? What is your favorite menu item? Share with us in the comments! Do you know of another fast food joint or restaurant also participating in Pride month and giving back? Let us know! And stay tuned! We’ll keep you posted on the latest Pride month deals.