The Chef Show Season 1, Episode 4: Robert Rodriguez and First Friday review

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In the fourth episode of Jon Favreau and Roy Choi’s The Chef Show, the hosts enjoy culinary delights with Robert Rodriguez and extol the virtues of food trucks.

The fourth episode of Jon Favreau and Roy Choi’s The Chef Show heads to Hollywood, with Robert Rodriguez, director of Alita: The Battle Angel, sharing his love of all things food. Rodriguez is a bonafide polymath—alongside being a renowned director, he is an editor, cinematographer, musician, artist, and cook. He clearly loves learning, and sharing his knowledge with others.

Rodriguez’s love of cooking is well-known amongst his fans. He used to make cooking videos to share on his DVDs, and even found that people were replicating his recipes, no matter how difficult they were. So, he began sharing easier recipes because he didn’t want people to cook something only once—he wanted them to find something that they loved so they could cook it again.

The food we’re about to see in this episode will definitely make you want to head straight into the kitchen.

Cauliflower Pizza

As Rodriguez does not eat flour, he decides to make a cauliflower pizza, which he says tastes absolutely wonderful. And it has Benicio Del Toro’s stamp of approval—he once ate five of Rodriguez’s pizzas in one sitting. Choi doesn’t look as convinced, but he’s obviously willing to try it.

The cauliflower takes the place of the flour for the crust, but needs to be riced and cooked first before being added to the cheese for the crust. Rodriguez is obviously a pro at this—he tosses the pizza expertly and teaches Favreau how to do it, as well. Choi may have been skeptical before, but after his first bite, he’s hooked. The cauliflower pizza is almost indistinguishable from the real thing, comment Favreau and Choi.