The Chef Show Season 1, Episode 4: Robert Rodriguez and First Friday review

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Peanut Butter Chocolates

To end the meal, Rodriguez offers his guests homemade chocolates. More than a decade ago, Rodriguez took an online course on chocolate making and became obsessed with the art, making every part of the chocolate himself, even the butter. But he found that he was eating the chocolates as quickly as he was making them, and nobody else would get any, so he eventually stopped.

For Alita, however, there is a crucial scene where a character is given chocolates so, Rodriguez decided to make the chocolates himself. He ended up eating them all again for a period of six months until he forced himself to stop. But he has made an exception for his guests, creating large, delicious-looking, skull-shaped peanut butter chocolates that Favreau and Choi are immediately in love with. Now we want these chocolates too.

Dessert Pizza

The sweets aren’t over yet on this episode of The Chef Show. Rodriguez decides to make a dessert pizza for Favreau and Choi, using honey and sugar. The taste is similar to a sopapilla, says Rodriguez. The honey is sourced from the bees around Rodriguez’s studio, as he is a beekeeper as well. Is there anything this man can’t do?

The dessert pizza is a hit with Favreau and Choi with Favreau comparing it to a deep-fried donut. Rodriguez may not have been able to eat most of his food, but his guests certainly had an excellent time.