Wandering Whistler review: An unexpected delight for summer


When it comes to summer fun, there is something about trying new drinks that we can’t resist. And Wandering Whistler has us all covered with their alcoholic brewed teas.

Are you looking for something different to enjoy at the beach or by the pool this summer? Well Wandering Whistler has you covered.

If you are a fan of brewed tea, then this alcoholic beverage might be right up your alley. Not only do you get the buzz of alcohol that can be a relaxing way to end the day, but you also get the smooth finish of tea.

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And these are not just any tea, we are talking classic flavors. As of right now, Wandering Whistler offers two primary flavors of alcoholic brewed tea, the Green Tea Jasmine and the Earl Grey & Elderflower. Think of these drinks as an upgrade to your usual indulgences.

Having had the chance to try both of these flavors, for me it was reminiscent of a light beer almost, but with different notes that made it clear this was no beer. Not only did you get the hint of floral notes that you expect from these two brewed teas, but it was also a rather light sip. I didn’t feel weighed down by drinking a can of either of these Wandering Whistler teas.

While the Green Tea Jasmine was a bit on the more floral side, for me the winner was definitely the Earl Grey & Elderflower. It helps that I am a big fan of black tea, and specifically Earl Grey, as this one was definitely the kind of alcoholic beverage I would want to bring to a dinner party.

For the Earl Grey & Elderflower, expect a drink that is rich and full-bodied. Every sip gives you those floral notes, but with a deeper taste than what you get from the Green Tea Jasmine. And of course this makes sense as a tea drinker, because green tea is always has a lighter mouth feel than a black tea.

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I have to say that there was something quite fun about knowing that the tea I was drinking was also a libation, because it made each sip feel more indulgent. Plus, both drinks have a unique aroma to them that adds to the over all experience.

There are some very distinct flavors that come through with each of these Wandering Whistler teas. And while this could be an acquired taste, it is one that you definitely need to try (at least once).

Once you have tried these two Wandering Whistler offerings, you will likely find yourself hooked on the distinct flavors, floral notes, and the fun of trying something so unique. As an added bonus, the company even has some cocktail recipe suggestions that will further transform these alcoholic brewed teas into something even more special.

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Have you tried Wandering Whistler yet? If you have, tell us what you think in the comments.