Applebee’s wants everyone to know about their Loaded Chicken Fajitas


There’s a Loaded Chicken Fajita deal at Applebee’s and the restaurant is making sure everyone is aware.

If you checked Twitter this morning, you likely noticed #LoadedChickenFajitas is the top trending topic, promoted by Applebee’s. Are the Loaded Chicken Fajitas that big of a deal? Let’s investigate!

Applebee’s Loaded Chicken Fajitas aren’t exactly a “new-new” menu item from June. They launched on the menu earlier last month, but either need more attention or are doing very well with customers for the restaurant to promote it so heavily. Personally, I’ve yet to try them out, but they look delicious.

What are they, exactly? The name says it all! Chicken fajitas that are, well, loaded! These chicken fajitas are served with hot queso and applewood-smoked bacon. And as you know, bacon makes everything better in life. Our mouths are watering already. Each serving comes with a side of cheese, guac, tortillas and more.

If chicken isn’t your thing, you can have these with steak or shrimp. It’s up to you how you want to load this up, the winner here is that these are only $10.99 — but for a limited time! The catch here is that only the CHICKEN fajitas are $10.99, if you want steak or shrimp, that’ll cost you their regular price.

Will you be stopping by Applebee’s today to get in on this deal? The restaurant may be promoting it, but you never know how long such a great offer will last! A meal this size for just over $10? You can’t afford not to take advantage of it!

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Let us know your thoughts if you do give in to your #LoadedChickenFajitas craving! For more information on Applebee’s menu and locations, visit them online here.