Unicorns have landed at 1-800-Flowers and they’re the most delicious treats you’ll have all summer

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Unicorns from 1-800-Flowers photo Sandy C.

Magical Unicorn Truffle Cake Pops

Instead of counting down, I’m just going to begin with my favorite item from this entire shipment: 1-800-Flower’s Magical Unicorn Truffle Cake Pops! Guys, these are absolutely tasty!

The 6 count goes for $29.99 and the 12 count for $47.99. These make a wonderful little gift as they are gorgeously and carefully wrapped in 1-800-Flower’s signature gift box.

I also love how these are individually wrapped, so you can save them for later or grab one on the go. Just don’t wait to long to enjoy them if you can’t keep it refrigerated, the chocolate that wraps the cake ball will melt! This wasn’t a problem for me, though, I had one right away and stored the rest.

Unicorn Sparkle Sweets

The Unicorn Sparkle Sweets are priced at $54.99 and deliver magic in each bite. One set includes 8 strawberries dipped in milk chocolate beautifully decorated with fun colors and star sprinkles, and 4 chocolate cookie sandwiches — two dipped in white chocolate and two in milk chocolate.

Unicorns from 1-800-Flowers photo Sandy C.

To be honest, I didn’t look up the food descriptions when I received them as I wanted to be surprised. Well, even though the Unicorn Truffle Cake Pops are my favorite, the cookie sandwiches were the biggest surprise!

I didn’t know what I was biting into, I thought it was just a chocolate bar. I was very happy and excited when I discovered a cookie in between. Presentation is also a priority in this delivery as they arrive in a lovely gift box.

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Want more unicorns, including flowers (not the edible kind), check out everything 1-800-Flowers has to offer on their site and be sure to let us know what your favorite treat from the delivery service is!