The Chef Show Season 1 Episode 7: Hot Luck Review

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Roy’s Kalbi

Choi is making a version of his famous kalbi for Hot Luck. He starts by making a kalbi sauce and a kimchi for their meat. The sauce requires soy sauce, orange juice, sesame oil, mirin, onions, garlic, sesame seeds, pepper, and scallions—because Choi does nothing by half measures—which Favreau is tasked with stirring and blending. Except they don’t have a large enough blender, so they have to scoop out small portions and blend it in batches. It’s a very long, painful process.

But they make the most of it by chatting about Choi’s mom, and how his cooking style is so different from hers that they don’t cook together. But she is proud of her son, says Choi, as is evident from the massive wall-length shrine she has to him. He seems both embarrassed and happy as he relates this fact to Favreau.

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Once the sauce is all blended, it is poured over the meat evenly. There is a lot of pushing and pulling as they have to keep taking the meat out of a giant fridge, bringing it outside, pouring the sauce over it, and then taking it back to the fridge. Choi is in the zone but Favreau is exhausted. The meat looks ready to barbecue.


Kimchi usually takes time to ferment but as they don’t have that luxury, Choi has a few suggestions on how to make a great kimchi without sacrificing the flavour. Choi adds soy sauce, oyster sauce, water, and fish sauce, followed by an unbelievable amount of onions, spring onions, salt, and sugar. Two entire bottles of fish sauce are used in this process, along with a spicy red powder that gives the kimchi its distinctive colour and flavour. Choi and Favreau have successfully made vats of kimchi, and it looks delicious!