The Chef Show Season 1 Episode 8: Chef Film Recipes Review

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The Chef Show on Netflix via Media Center — Episode 6


Anyone watching The Chef Show will remember the disaster that was Favreau’s attempt at making beignets. The sweet dish featured heavily in Chef, and Favreau’s daughter absolutely loves it. However, it doesn’t quite work when the mix has expired.

This time around, Favreau has got non-expired beignet mix from Café Du Monde.

They get a decent looking dough to work with and the first batch come out looking pretty good. A generous dusting of powdered sugar and it isn’t long before Favreau and Choi are tucking in. What a lovely way to end the season.

Tips for Home Cooks:

·       When you’re making caramel, do not stir the sugar; leave it be so it can melt down.

·       The best way to cut small herbs is to fold or roll them and then slice it neatly with a knife.

·       Want to give your pasta flavour? Add salt and oil to boiling water before you add in the pasta.

·       Once your pasta is boiled, don’t throw the pasta water away! Use it to add flavour to your pasta when you cook it.

·       To melt chocolate, put the heat on for a short while and then turn it off, letting it melt from the steam of the double boiler.

·       The best way to crack an egg is to do it against a flat surface, not a sharp one. This will ensure against breaking the yolk.

Final Thoughts

As much as I loved the previous episode, this was by far my favourite episode of The Chef Show. I loved the call-backs to the film and how it demonstrated the camaraderie that comes with cooking. There were some great tips for home chefs, and that pasta recipe is so delightfully simple and delicious that I can imagine how many people will enjoy making it at home.

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The Chef Show has been a fun journey. Though its lack of structure made for uneven watching, for the most part, there was plenty to enjoy. The highlight for me was the relationship between Favreau and Choi, and how much they both adore cooking. Choi’s dedication to his craft and Favreau’s eagerness to keep learning from his mentor and friend a joy to watch. I don’t know whether there will be any more seasons, but I certainly hope so.

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