10 best restaurants in Tampa Bay, according to Yelp!


Here are the 10 best restaurants right now in Tampa Bay, according to Yelp! foodies.

We can say one thing — Tampa Bay Yelp! foodies have a great taste in food.

Over the past decade (or so), Tampa Bay’s food scene has gone from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico to the highs of the Appalachians. No longer is the Bay Area a barren food wasteland that South Floridians happily thumb their noses at, but one that embraces the foodie culture and has crept ever so closer to the food snobs down south.

Yelp! food reviewers have noticed this trend, and we turn to them to give you the 10 best restaurants right now in the Tampa Bay area.

Happy eating!

10. K-picu — Clearwater

Sitting right in the heart of downtown Clearwater, K-picu sails in with a perfect five-star rating on 51 reviews, and really, with the best Caribbean Pigeon Pea Risotto and guava and coconut sangria around, who can blame them?

9. Ulele — Downtown Tampa

Just outside of Downtown Tampa north of Water Works Park, sits one of the city’s best restaurants. Once you find Ulele, you’ll be treated to great drinks such as the wedding beer, and some of the best okra fries ever.

8. The Black Pearl — Dunedin

With four-and-a-half stars on 252 reviews, it’s safe to say that many Tampa Bay foodies have fallen in love with The Black Pearl in Dunedin. Make sure you get the Lobster Risotto, which is a fan favorite.

7. Big Ray’s Fish Camp — South Tampa

Coming to Florida and not eating seafood is like going to New York and not visiting the Statue of Liberty. There’s plenty of great seafood spots in the Tampa Bay area, but one stands out to Yelp! foodies — Big Ray’s Fish Camp, which has four-and-a-half stars on 457 reviews. Pretty darn impressive!

6. Aussie Grill by Outback — Westshore

Yes, this is part of the Outback Steakhouse chain, which was birth and is still headquartered in Tampa, and it’s in a mall. However, before you go plowing on Yelp! foodies, the Aussie Grill is 20-times above a normal Outback, and you must try it the next time you’re at International Plaza.

5. Yah Mon — Hyde Park

Interesting name, yes, but this Caribbean mainstay in Hyde Park has a perfect rating on an amazing 509 reviews, making this quite possibly the most popular Caribbean restaurant in all of Tampa Bay. Yah mon!

4. Owens Fish Camp — Downtown Sarasota

There are plenty of great spots to eat in downtown Sarasota, but when it comes to Yelp! reviewer’s taste buds, Owens Fish Camp takes the top spot, thanks to its food and rustic ambiance.

3. Nineteen 61 — South Lakeland

Lakeland isn’t known as a culinary hotspot like the rest of the Tampa Bay area, however, that’s the distinct charm of the city’s food scene, which has Nineteen 61, a high-end Latin restaurant that makes for a perfect date night anytime.

2. The Mill — Downtown St. Pete

With four-and-a-half stars spread out over 929 reviews, The Mill is a straight-up diamond among downtown St. Pete’s plethora of eating spots. If you’re a true Tampa Bay foodie, you can’t miss out on The Mill.

1. Oak and Ola — Downtown Tampa

Located in the same area as the no. 10 spot on this list, Tampa Bay foodies have deemed Oak and Ola, a modern European restaurant, the best in the entire region. With its unique take on European cuisine, Oak and Ola are sure to be a hit to foodies all over the Bay Area.

So what’s your favorite place to chow down in Tampa Bay. Let me know!!