Blue Point Brewing Company partners with Presidente to launch new craft beer, Una Fria


There’s a new craft beer coming from Blue Point Brewing and Presidente. And this new beer, Una Fria, is a celebration of New York’s own Dominican culture thanks to the addition of plantains.

New York meets the Dominican Republic with a new partnership between Blue Point Brewing Company and Presidente. A new craft beer, Una Fria, is coming our way this summer, and with it comes a partnership that truly honors the flavor and culture of the Dominican people living in New York.

In a release from Blue Point Brewing, they describe Una Fria as a “refreshingly crisp pilsner” that is truly unique because of the way it is brewed. Unlike a traditional beer, this one is brewed using plantains along with hops, which help to give it notes of “dried fruit” as well as “a very subtle smoky character,” according to Dan Jansen, the Blue Point brewmaster.

What truly caught our attention is the fact that this craft beer is made with plantains, which is why we wanted to know how this effected the brewing process. And according to Jansen, “plantains are high in starch content, so it makes the lautering process a bit slower and more challenging.”

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However, even though there was the added challenge of using plantains in the brewing process, that did not stop Blue Point Brewing from finding a way to make it work. According to Dan Jansen, they were able to “make adjustments to our mashing recipes to alleviate some of the issues.”

Ultimately, by finding a way to utilize the plantains with the usual hops, beer lovers will be getting a creation that is unique and bold, just like the people it represents. With a flavor that is a bit “drier and slightly more bitter than a typical ‘Caribbean’ lager,” Una Fria is set to be a new summer favorite for beer drinkers who love a bold craft beer.

To truly enjoy Una Fria, you want to serve this icy cold, which is exactly how it would be served in the Dominican Republic. And if you are wondering what to pair this craft beer with, we have the answer thanks to Jansen.

According to our brewmaster, Una Fria would pair well with “grilled or smoked fish like salmon.” And if you really want to jazz up the dish, he also recommends “adding a mango salsa as a compliment.” As this is a beer, it also has the ability to pair with a BBQ sandwich made with a sauce that is both sweet and smoky.

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Basically, Una Fria is the perfect addition to summer indulgences. And with a lovely label designed by Tiffany De Jesus, a Dominican-American artist, you even have a picture-worthy bottle that is ready for those Instagram posts.