Is Tim Hortons open on Canada Day, 2019?


Fancy grabbing a double, double and a doughnut from Tim Hortons on Canada Day? Will it be possible? Is Tim Hortons open on Canada Day, 2019?

The biggest day of the year for Canada will see many businesses across the country shut their doors. Canadians everywhere will be getting together to celebrate Canada Day, whether it be watching the fireworks, having a barbecue, or something else entirely. It’s a great day for everyone. However, if you feel the need to visit Tim Hortons during the day it may pose a problem because it may not be open. So, is Tim Hortons open on Canada Day, 2019?

Officially, we do not have a simple yes or no answer. At least not yet anyway. If that is to change and Tim Hortons comes out and announced if they will, or will not, be open during Canada Day, this post will be updated.

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In the meantime, however, it would be quite honestly be best to assume that the Canadian fast food chain is closed for the day. Most places will be closed during the day. As in everyone but essential services will be closed.

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There could be the odd chain open during the day; as some places may decide to open for a limited time. In order to find out whether your local Tim Hortons has done this or not though you will need to do some further investigative work.

So, what you want to do is reach out and contact your local Tim Hortons chain. This is really easy to do; all you need to do is run an internet search of your local chain. Contact details will then be shown in the results. What you want is the contact telephone number. You can then use that to speak to someone within the chain and ask them directly whether or not they plan to open on Canada, 2019.

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What are your plans this Canada Day? Will you be paying a visit to Tim Hortons? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.