All the dishes you need for a Cricket World Cup 2019 watch party

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Kabuli Palaw

Afghanistan entered the World Cup as minnows but they showed how much fight they had in them at every turn. Despite fairly ordinary performances against Australia, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand, they managed not to get bowled out by England, and gave India and Pakistan a serious run for their money in two nail-biters that almost ended in the 2019 Cricket World Cup’s biggest upsets. Alas, it was not to be, and Afghanistan were well and truly out of the tournament early on, but their efforts have been a joy to watch.

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In honour of Afghanistan’s determination and fighting spirit, you should be opening the innings for your watch party with the delicious Kabuli Palaw, the country’s national dish, and a feast for the eyes and the stomach. Pulao is a favoured dish in the sub-continent, but Afghanistan’s version is rich in meat and veggies, with a sprinkling of raisins for added flavour. What a way to start your party.

Potato Bake

Five-time World Cup winners Australia are looking particularly good in the 2019 tournament. Thus far, they have only lost one match—against India—definitively putting paid to the dreams of a number of other nations in their wake. Australia almost sent the host nation, England, out of the World Cup, as well, with an unexpected win in their group match. Which shouldn’t have come as a surprise—this is Australia, a team that never stops fighting, even after the rather disastrous year they have had.

The team is far more mellow than they have ever been in the history of the game, but continue to persevere, which is why the humble potato bake is a great way to honour the defending champions. It was recently discovered that the potato bake is Australia’s favourite dish, for its combination of nostalgia and wholesome family feelings. It’s simple to make and will be a lovely refreshing accompaniment to many of the heavier dishes featured on this list.