Limitless caffeinated sparkling water is the drink we’ve all been searching for

Have you ever heard of caffeinated water before? Neither had we! But now thanks to Limitless, we have the sparkling water of our dreams.

Are you tired of drinking soda but can’t find a good alternative to still get your caffeine fix? As someone who has given up soda, the discovery of Limitless “lightly caffeinated sparkling water” was exactly what I needed to add something new and delicious to the menu.

Beyond the fact that we are getting a sparkling water that contains caffeine, there is also the added bonus of multiple flavor options. And we are not talking about the usual flavors either, we are talking unique and refreshing taste sensations.

There are actually six different flavors of Limitless sparkling water. And not only do we get one or two expected flavors like lemon lime and watermelon, but there are also some interesting combinations such as grapefruit hibiscus, blood orange, cucumber pear, and ginger mint.

Just like many other waters out there, Limitless contains no artificial ingredients or sugar, while also giving us a shocking 35 milligrams of caffeine in every can. It’s like getting all of the benefits of water with amazing flavor and enough caffeine to keep you energized.

When I ran across this sparkling water at a small whole food type store, I was intrigued by the idea of water containing caffeine. And I am so glad I found this product. Not only did it have a great flavor, but it was not just the taste that was exciting. I didn’t need anything else to get the boost of energy I usually get from tea or coffee, instead Limitless acted as the perfect alternative (especially for someone like me who really does need to drink more water).

As a big fan of lemon lime, that was definitely the flavor at the top of my list, however I think depending on what you enjoy, each of the six options is amazing and worthy of indulging in. Watermelon was another delicious flavor and is one that deserves to be tried at least once.

If you want to try Limitless for yourself, it is available not only online thanks to Amazon, but also in Walmart stores nationwide.

Have you seen or heard about Limitless caffeinated sparkling water before? If you have seen it before, have you given it a try yet? Tell us what you think about this sparkling water in the comments.