This summer, Cinnabon’s cream cheese frosting cookie sandwiches are giving us life!


As if Cinnabon doesn’t already make our mouths water each time we walk by a location, they now have cream cheese frosting cookie sandwiches!

Who would have thought Cinnabon could beat its own game? These are instant must haves. If there is one location we fully trust to create the sweetest, best tasting pastries, it is definitely Cinnabon! I mean, a snickerdoodle cookie sandwich stuffed with cream cheese frosting? Yes, please!

Want one? You gotta hurry as these are only available for a limited time! Cinnabon’s cream cheese frosting cookie sandwiches are available now through August 25. But wait, sorry to crush the dream, these are only exclusively available at Pilot Flying J. Road trip, anyone?

How random is this? Out of all the locations, why Pilot Flying J? Why not the mall or the one in our neighborhood? I’m both angry and hangry about this.

We’re not sure how we missed such big news, but it appears these cookies made their big debut earlier this month. And, per Pilot Flying J’s tweet, are only at “select” locations. Picky, picky.

Is there a location near you? There is still a bit of hope we’ll get these cookies in more stores. If they’re a hit (and how can they not be?) sales can expand. The way it often works is that they are released in select locations as a test item.

If it passes the popularity test and are in high demand, a wider release follows. Let’s hope that’s the case here! Click here to find a Pilot Flying J Travel Center near you.

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Will you be ordering one or wait it out until the cookies are in more shops? Let us know in the comments! 

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