Tony’s Chocolonely: The chunky chocolate bars you are missing out on


Tony’s Chocolonely chocolates aren’t only delicious, but the brand is on a mission to help make slave-free chocolate a reality for all other brands.

Let’s begin with Tony’s Chocolonely’s vision before biting into all the tasty details! Each wrapper explains their story, sharing how slaves, many of them young children, work on cocoa farms in West Africa. Tony’s Chocolonely is working hard to stop this, beginning by creating delicious, slave-free chocolates, leading by example.

Tony’s Chocolonely sounds pretty amazing already, doesn’t it? When they reached out to offer some samples, including their latest flavors, I was excited to try these out! Not to mention, my 5-year-old’s name is Tony and he often helps me sample food and snacks I receive — so he was ecstatic to check out a chocolate bar with his name on it.

Are they any good? That’s probably what you’re here to find out. Well, you’ll be happy to know Tony’s Chocolonely chocolates taste just as great as their mission, and the flavors are extremely unique and sure to please your taste buds!

Tony’s Chocolonely chocolates photo via Sandy C.

Below, I rank each flavor I received (the latest flavors are in bold):

  • Milk Honey Almond 
  • White Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt
  • White Raspberry Popping Candy
  • White Chocolate Raspberry
  • Dark Chocolate

My taste buds and heart will always have a special place for chocolate with almonds. It is my absolute favorite! In fact, any other chocolate that doesn’t have almonds needs to be exceptionally great to make up for the crunch I crave. Tony’s Chocoloney’s Milk Honey Almond is delicious!

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After almonds in chocolate, my second favorite is caramel. Because, if it’s not going to be crunchy, the chocolate at least needs to have a sweet and smooth flavor, right? Tony’s Chocolonely’s caramel takes care of that! This chocolate bar had me craving a cup of coffee after.

Here’s a surprise, I didn’t think I would love White Raspberry Popping Candy. In my opinion, chocolate needs to keep it simple and taste only like chocolate. Almonds and caramel are always welcomed touches, but candy?

Well, I was ready to rank White Raspberry Popping Candy last, until the ‘pop’ kicked in. Oh yes, the “popping” in White Raspberry Popping Candy is real. It’s like eating chocolatey Pop Rocks! A flavor I didn’t think I needed.

White Chocolate Raspberry is ranked fourth, it just didn’t do it for me. The raspberry comes off too strong and over powers the chocolatey goodness. Finally, Dark Chocolate comes last. No offense to Tony’s Chocolonely here, I’ve simply never been a huge fan of dark chocolate. But, if you are, you’ll likely love this one!

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How can you help the brand’s vision? Simply choose Tony’s Chocolonely! The more people choose to buy slave free products, the sooner it becomes the norm. Find out more about Tony’s Chocolonely here.  

Where can you find Tony’s Chocolonely? These huge, chunky bars (sharing is optional) are $5.49 a bar and sold at New Seasons, Whole Foods, Stop and Shop, Natural Grocers, and select independent retailers nationally (online, too!). Give them a try, and let us know if you do!