Mermaid candy corn has changed our minds about the notorious candy


Let’s be honest, candy corn doesn’t have the best rep. In fact, most would call it garbage candy. But this new mermaid candy corn may just change our minds!

When it comes to Halloween candy, it’s safe to say candy corn is at the bottom of the list. So the candy is even less popular when it isn’t the fall season. But now, Branch’s company found a genius way to possibly change all of this, and that’s jumping on the mermaid trend!

Nowadays, it’s all about mermaids. Whether it’s mermaid birthday parties, clothes, cookies, and more (even Disney’s Little Mermaid has been trending), kids and adults love everything mermaids. Well, how about colorful and adorable mermaid candy corn to add to the mermaid craze?

Check out the photo below from Junk Food Mom on Instagram:

You have to admit, that’s too cute! Kids are sure to love it! The six flavors are: strawberry, lemon, green apple, grape, raspberry, and orange, all in fun seashell and other sea figures. It’s really too bad they don’t come in separate small packages so they can be perfect for passing out on Halloween. But, on the bright side, these are sure to light up your kitchen counter if you put them in a jar!

So, where can you find Branch’s Mermaid Candy Corn? These were spotted at Kroger! But be quick, they are sure to swim off the shelves. 

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Will you be going trick-or-treating this Halloween? If so, which candy are you hoping to get the most of? Don’t forget to also purchase candy to give out!