Starbucks’ most Instagram worthy locations across the world

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(Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)

From a waterfront location in Malta to the busy streets of Boston, here are the most Instagram worthy Starbucks locations across the world.

It’s time to go on an adventure. A Starbucks adventure. Summer is about to come to an end and if you are thinking of booking a last-minute holiday somewhere in the world, consider one of the many Starbucks locations that are simply of the charts when it comes to how Instagram worthy they are.

Each one of the locations below is unique in its own way and none of them look anything like your regular coffee chain.

Costa Rica – Hacienda Alsacia Coffee Farm

Giving fans the chance to experience the entire coffee journey.  The 46,000-square-foot visitor center at Starbucks Costa Rican coffee farm will allows you to see everything, from picking the coffee cherries straight off the tree itself to being able to taste the fresh coffee produced.

Image Credit: Starbucks, acquired via Edelman PR

Malta – Valletta Waterfront

The very first Starbucks designed to capture and reflect both a country’s vibrant culture and the Mediterranean; this location features wood, marble, and dark, sophisticated finishes with lighter stone façades which truly show off the local heritage.

Image Credit: Starbucks, acquired via Edelman PR

Argentina – Buenos Aires Galerías Pacifico

Featuring exposed brick walls, vaulted ceilings and murals on walls reflecting details of sea creatures and ocean maps. This beautiful Starbucks location is found in the countries most famous shopping malls.

Image Credit: Starbucks, acquired via Edelman PR

United States – Boston (125 Summer St.)

With beautiful painted wings featured inside. Strike a pose for Instagram is pretty much a must at this location which wins when it comes to showcasing local artists’ work.

Image Credit: Starbucks, acquired via Edelman PR