Burger King: New waffle breakfast sandwiches are foodie heaven


Thanks to Burger King, breakfast isn’t only the most important meal of the day, it is also the most delicious!

Long gone are the days of just eggs, bacon, and a glass of milk for breakfast. Now, the varieties, options, and flavors seem to be endless! And thanks to Burger King, it has become our favorite meal. We look forward to it each morning!

Rejoice, breakfast lovers! Burger King has special new breakfast treats for us all! Introducing, waffle breakfast sandwiches! We know better than anybody that the craving for a regular breakfast sandwich (especially from a fast food place) can get lost after a while. Once we have a few, we no longer seem to have a taste for them.

Well, Burger is shaking that up with new options, and these are the most delicious yet! The fast food joint launched not one or two, but three Maple Waffle Sandwiches. Check them out, below:

No more croissants of dry bread, it’s time for waffles! Were you one of the lucky few who tried these out while Burger King tested them out earlier this year in select locations? If so, I envy you!

Maple Waffle Sandwiches are available nationwide, but only for a limited time. Order one alone ($3.49) or as part of the 2 for $4 Mix or match deal. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

The struggle to get up in the mornings is still real, but so much easier!

How do these sound to you? Will you be ordering a Maple Sandwich from Burger King next time? If you do, let us know how they taste! That is, unless we beat you to it. 

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