PepsiCo’s bubly minis: Big flavor, adorable size


PepsiCo’s popular sparkling water brand, bubly, released bubly minis earlier this summer. We were sent several flavors, and we’re ranking them all, below!

Don’t underestimate the size of the bubly minis, they have the same great taste and flavor, just fun size! Sparkling water became popular for adding pizzazz to plain water, giving it flavor. This is perfect for those who need to have a little extra in their water to be able to drink it. Not to mention, it’s by far better for you than soda. Among all the sparkling water brands, bubly is one of the best.

When I was offered to received some new bubly minis, I couldn’t wait to try all the flavors! Their mini size makes these perfect to carry in your bag or pack in your kid’s lunch boxes. How tiny are they? Regular bubly’s are 12oz, while these little guys are 7.5oz.

As for how far they’ll set you back, they are only $5.49 for a pack of 10! Find these at your local retailer (such as Target and Walmart).

bubly mini, PepsiCo’s sparkling water brand. Photo Sandy C.

Here are the flavors I received: cherry, strawberry, orange, and blackberry. Please note, these are the only flavors that are available in minis size. Let’s rank them! 

  1. Strawberry bubly
  2. Orange bubly
  3. Cherry bubly
  4. Blackberry bubly

I was the most intrigued to try the Blackberry bubly, but it was, unfortunately, my least favorite. This could be because I am more drawn to simple flavors. Don’t get me wrong — simple, but delicious! Blackberry bubly comes off as watered down with a very light fizz, but the strawberry and orange flavors are absolutely a delight, as is the cherry! I’m ranking strawberry at No. 1 for being the strongest of the four.

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If that doesn’t seem like enough for you, there are plenty of more flavors to try. Some of these include grapefruit, lime, and mango! These, however, are available in their regular sizes. Again, keep in mind cherry, blackberry, orange and strawberry are the only flavors available in their mini size. Check all of the varieties at their site.

Be quick, bubly minis will only be available until Sept. 2!

Will you be trying one of these out? Let us know!