Jack in the Box reveals secret menu item: Bacon Nacho Taco


Jack in the Box’s secret menu item features three of our favorite things: bacon, nachos, and tacos! Here are all the details on how you can order this delight!

It’s no secret that secret menu items exist, they make ordering so much fun. After all, if you’re a huge fan of any place in particular, you may already know the menu like the back of your hand. But, thanks to secret menu items, these offer a fun change of pace. Jack in the Box has just the thing!

Available only by request at all Jack in the Box locations is the Bacon Nacho Taco! Fans who miss the discontinued Nacho Monster Taco will be particularly happy to learn about this menu item.

Simply visit your local Jack in the Box location and ask for the Bacon Nacho Taco! Prices vary by location. So, what is the Bacon Nacho Taco? It’s not very self-explanatory, so let’s break it down:

The Bacon Nacho Taco includes two classic Jack in the Box tacos that are topped with Bacon and Cheddar sauce (the same one used in Jack’s Bacon & Cheddar Potato Wedges you already love). Need we say more? I haven’t tried it, but the day is young! If you’ve had a Bacon Nacho Taco from Jack in the Box, be sure to share your opinions with us!

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