Friday Favorite: Milano Cookies and their unique biscuit and chocolate layers


There is something special about Milano Cookies from Pepperidge Farm. Whether it is the crisp biscuit cookie or the chocolate interior, they are always a perfect treat.

With the help of Pepperidge Farm, you can indulge in a very special treat. Milano Cookies come in a variety of flavors, but the traditional biscuit cookie with a simple layer of chocolate in the center will always feel like the ultimate indulgence.

And sure, you could argue that snagging a bag of their dark chocolate sea salt cookies or their double chocolate is truly indulgent, but there is something about that original flavor of milk chocolate that has our heart.

As far as Friday Favorites go, the milk chocolate Milano Cookies are the answer to finding the right sweet treat. The biscuit style cookie is always crisp and complements the inner layer of chocolate to perfection. And whether you dunk your cookies in milk or eat them dry, they always seem perfect.

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While you could claim these cookies are a bit dry because of the biscuits, there is something about them that makes it work. There is this unique mouth feel to every bite that leaves you wanting more. And the fact that each bag is designed with three paper cups filled with cookies means you won’t feel guilty eating an entire layer of those biscuit and chocolaty bits of perfection.

Growing up, Milano Cookies were a special treat. And because they seemed to be so rare, it made them that much more delicious every time I got one as a dessert or snack. Even as an adult, grabbing a bag of Milanos is something that doesn’t happen often, so when I do, it is always an instant reminder of just how perfect these cookies really are.

Perhaps what helps make these cookies so perfect is the fact that they are not too sweet, and yet they satisfy our sweet tooth. And of course, the fact that the crisp biscuit layers of the cookie always seem to have been baked to perfection means that every bite is the same as the last.

Milano Cookies are the ultimate Friday Favorite treat for so many reasons. And the fact that the original is just as great as any of the other flavors means that every time you grab a bag of these cookies you are getting a treat that wins the day. (Just writing about them makes me want to open a bag and get my snack on.)

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How do you feel about Milano Cookies? Which flavor is your favorite? Tell us what you think in the comments.