Starbucks is bringing pick-up only stores starting this fall


Want to just get your coffee to go? Starbucks’ new offering of pick-up only stores will be perfect for you. Here are all the details.

Sometimes, you just want to walk in, grab your cappuccino, and leave, right? You might grab it on the way to work or just when you’re out doing some necessary back-to-school shopping, Christmas shopping, or just want to grab a drink to take back home. Well, Starbucks gets that you don’t want to wait around with the customers in the stores, which is why the brand is looking at pick-up only stores.

They’re not replacing the sit-in restaurants before you panic. Let me just make that clear right now! These are in addition to the current Starbucks offerings, so you can choose whether you want to sit in or take away.

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The idea is that those who want to grab and go will have a quicker and more fluent experience. There’s no need to ask if you’re sitting in or taking away and no need for baristas to worry about putting mugs and dishes into the dishwasher to get ready for the next customer. The focus is solely on serving.

Starbucks’ pick-up only stores have already been trialed in China, according to Delish. They have been such a success that the U.S. market is looking to introduce them. It’s more than just a window, but there’s nowhere to sit down when you’re finished with your order.

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The first U.S. store is coming to New York in the fall. There’s no exact time frame just yet.

In other news, Starbucks is looking at revamping the scheduling and inventory processes. The idea is to make them automated, so baristas can focus on serving customers. There has been a huge push recently in offering customers what they’re asking for, such as adding the coffee chain to Uber Eats, and the pick-up only stores is just another sign of that.

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What do you think of the Starbucks pick-up only stores? How do you prefer to grab your order? Share your thoughts in the comments below.