Sour Patch Kids and more Halloween trick-or-treat favorites


Each Halloween season, candy companies roll out new spooky versions and even flavors. Below, we’re highlighting Sour Patch Kids Zombies and other favorites!

‘Tis the season to be spooky! Are you ready for Halloween candy to take over store aisles? Chances are, they already have! Each season, all grocery store and market aisles change color. Pink and red shades invade around Valentine’s Day, but bolder colors such as black and orange are hard to miss when the month of September rolls around. Which holiday candy is your favorite? Can’t we love them all equally?

They truly all have something amazing to offer, but, you must admit, there’s just something extra fun and special about Halloween candy! Below, we’ll be featuring our favorite Halloween candy picks! From some of the most fun choices to unique flavors your neighbors won’t have, so get them if you want to stand out!

Sour Patch Kids Zombies: Same flavors, new colors! Okay, so these may taste the same (orange and grape), but the design is different enough to brighten up your candy jar this Halloween season. Not to mention, if you send your kid to school with a treat, a few of these are sure to brighten up their day! Sour Patch Kids Zombies are adorable, and you have to appreciate when a company goes all out on a theme.

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Reese’s Pumpkin: We have displayed our love for Reese’s Pumpkin candy at Guilty Eats before, they’re simply one of our favorites. Reese’s didn’t only get on with the theme, but created a new flavor here that you just can’t miss out on if you love Halloween and chocolates.

Tiny Tony’s Chocolonely: The brand of tasty chocolates isn’t just changing its wrapper for the coming season, but customizing Halloween treats! These are rich in caramel and ready to be enjoyed! They are available in bags that include 27 individually wrapped chocolates, perfect for giving out to trick-or-treaters! Learn more about these, here.

Caramel Caravan Co. photo credit: Sandy Casanova
Caramel Caravan Co. photo credit: Sandy Casanova /

Caramel Caravan: These caramel delights are new to our taste buds! We have a large feature on them coming up this week, but, for now, know that these are the most unique and delicious chewy caramel crafts! For the fall season, the company recently launched two new flavors: Pumpkin and Chai Spice. But they also have traditional flavors available (all individually wrapped in generous portions), such as: sea salt, cashew, coffee, and more!

Halloween Oreos: Yes, we will always and forever include Oreos on our list! What can we say? It’s one of our favorite cookie brands! You can always count on Oreos to dress up its wrapper and colors to fit in with the latest trend, be it an anniversary, season, or special flavor!

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Which fall or Halloween candy is your all-time favorite? Are there any special treats you believe should be included on this list? Be sure to let us know!