Underrated Treat: Star Crunch from Little Debbie is another perfect concoction


When it comes to underrated treats, there are plenty that can make the list. And Little Debbie’s Star Crunch is definitely one treat that doesn’t get enough love.

There are a lot of underrated treats out there in the world. They sit on their shelves in grocery and convenience stores waiting to find a home. And while we all know that Little Debbie has some beloved goodies in their arsenal, there are also a few, like the Star Crunch, that get passed over for their more popular cousins.

Growing up, I remember the Star Crunch getting a place of honor on shelves. It sat proudly next to the Fudge Rounds and Oatmeal Creme Pies. Even the mini Donettes (I know they are a Hostess product but still) and Honey Buns were happy to share shelf space with the Star Crunches of the world.

And then things changed. I don’t know what happened or who decided that the Star Crunch was no longer worthy of his coveted spot on the Little Debbie shelves, but soon the chocolate, caramel, and crispy rice treat was relegated to the dreaded bottom shelves. And it became harder to find him in individual packs where anyone could be reminded of his goodness.

Star Crunch
Star Crunch /

But that might finally be changing. Over on the Little Debbie website, the Star Crunch has a bit of a name change going for him, as he is now known as the Star Crunch Cosmic Cookie. And not only that, but he even comes in a stellar (see what I did there) box with the cookie proudly on display.

According to Little Debbie, this underrated treat is considered to be a classic of their lineup and we have to agree with them. In fact, we would go so far as to say it is one of the unsung heroes of the treat company.

Described as being “soft, chewy cookies are topped with out-of-this-world caramel and crispy rice, then eclipsed by a coating of fudge,” the Star Crunch is packed with some of our favorite things. And that alone makes me wonder how people could pass these treats over. From the crispy rice to the caramel and fudge, these are the perfect way to satisfy any sweet tooth.

There is something about this sweet and chewy treat that makes you want to savor every bite. And the fact that is seems to satisfy all cravings makes it that much more enjoyable.

We are talking about the perfect lunchroom currency, as you get all the best flavors in every bite. And of course, adults can enjoy this treat too, as it will bring you right back to being a kid again.

When it comes to underrated treats, you might not think of a company like Little Debbie having sweet treats that people pass over, but in this case the Star Crunch seems to be that little cousin sitting in the corner waiting for his chance to shine. Well guess what? Now is definitely the time of the Crunch!

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What do you think of the Star Crunch? Would you consider it an underrated treat? Are there any other Little Debbie treats that you think are also underrated? Tell us what you think in the comments.