Mystery Oreo’s hit shelves soon: Guess the flavor for a huge prize!

Mystery Oreo photo credit courtesy Oreo
Mystery Oreo photo credit courtesy Oreo /

There’s a new mystery on the way for those who love solving…and eating! Oreo is launching a mystery flavor, guess it for a huge prize!

Mark your calendar and prepare your taste buds for a big mystery! Mystery Oreo hits shelves Monday, Sept. 16, and they will have everyone guessing! Buy a pack or three (because I hear they are delicious), pour some glasses of milk, and invite some friends over to crack the case.

The Mystery Oreo package contains classic black and white Oreo cookies, but don’t be fooled! They won’t taste like regular Oreo cookies at all! In fact, from what we’ve seen, you’ll notice something is different as soon as you open the package. A strange, but familiar, aroma will reach your nose. What can this flavor be?

Oreo got Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo to sample the cookie first. His guess is french toast and he says can definitely detect cinnamon. Matarazzo then passes on the challenge to Terry Crews, who has a different, yet similar, guess. We’re so confused! I guess we’ll have to try this new cookie out for ourselves!

Watch the video from Gaten Matarazzo, here: 

Matarazzo seems to know what he is talking about, but he does appear conflicted towards the end. Don’t forget to pick up a pack Monday, Sept. 16, to put your best guess forward! Also, be sure you follow along to other attempts with the #MysteryOreo on Twitter and Instagram.

As soon as the cookies hit shelves up until Nov. 10, 2019, participants can report to to submit their best guess for a chance to win $50,000. If you change your mind, don’t worry! Fans can submit a different flavor guess every day. Each correct guess is counted as an official entry to the sweepstakes where one random winner will receive the big prize.

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Keep up with the latest from Oreo by asking your Alexa device, “Alexa, what’s new with Oreo?” beginning Sept. 16! Alexa may even help you out with flavor clues!