Is In-N-Out slipping on us?


With numerous fast-food chains beginning to beat the once-immortal In-N-Out in fast food surveys, the question must be asked– is this chain is slipping?

Once upon a time, In-N-Out, the California-based burger icon famous for their Animal Style toppings, was a fixture as the best fast-food chain in America. Nothing could bring this chain down, we thought, until this year, when Texas own burger giant, Whataburger, beat out the California chain as America’s most famous fast-food chain.

It must have been a slap in the face to In-N-Out. For years, their Texas counterpart had been running behind In-N-Out for fast food supremacy. Not anymore, and it raises a question that we didn’t normally think we would have to ask — Is In-N-Out slipping under our noses?

As far as food goes, their burgers are just as fresh and delicious as ever, and no one can lay a candle on their Animal Fries. They don’t have the sizable menu like its competitors, and for years, their simple menu board has worked like a charm. Maybe, just maybe, that could also be the reason for the slippage?

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Think about it, with In-N-Out’s menu looking the same as it has for decades, maybe fast-food eaters are getting a bit tired of the predictability that In-N-Out offers? That stands in stark contrast to Whataburger, which has room to offer new menu items that In-N-Out really can’t.

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It’s that elastic approach that may have finally bolted Whataburger to the top, and leave a litany of questions for In-N-Out. Mainly, how in the world can they reclaim a throne they’ve had a mortgage on for quite some time?

Where is your loyalty? Do you still love going to In-N-Out as much as before, or have you switched over to Whataburger or another fast food restaurant? Let us know in the comments!