Is Popeyes’ BYOB turning into a huge flop?


After Popeyes proposed an alternative to their insanely popular chicken sandwich, fans may not be feeling the new promotion.

When Popeyes Chicken ran out of their insanely famous chicken sandwich a few weeks ago, the fast food community was in mourning. To perk up their customers and give them something to nibble on until their sandwiches come back, the chain proposed that customers bring their buns from home to create their chicken sandwich.

BYOB is what they called it, and so far, this new alternative has been a massive flop. For starters, who in the world would want to “bring their bun” to create a chicken sandwich at a fast food joint?

Ask anyone who has sunk their teeth into Popeyes’ chicken sandwich, and they’ll tell you that the bun was part of the experience. I don’t think a Great Value hamburger bun could recreate that, no matter what’s in the middle.

Second, BYOB seemed like a cop-out to try to pacify the masses who really couldn’t understand how a chicken restaurant would run out of chicken sandwiches! If they had the strips already in place, why couldn’t a location order more of their buns and serve the sandwich?

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If you asked me, the BYOB alternative was doomed to fail ever since they announced it. Fans want the chicken sandwich, not a poorly recreated one using a store-bought hamburger bun. That just cheapens out the experience, one that was created with manic harmony with the re-launch of their chicken sandwich.

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Quite frankly, I didn’t get the hype surrounding the sandwich but believe that when it comes back at the end of October, I’ll be there to try it to see what the hype was all about.

This writer doesn’t do BYOB.