ONE Brands protein bars are changing the way we think about healthy bars

ONE Brands protein bar, photo courtesy ONE
ONE Brands protein bar, photo courtesy ONE /

Protein bars tend to get a bad rep, but ONE Brands has truly changed the game with its bold flavors and unique taste. The latest to join their lineup is the Pumpkin Pie flavor!

Just in time for the fall season, ONE Brands recently debuted Pumpkin Pie! If your cravings for fall flavors are starting to kick in, be sure to add this one to your pantry. And if this the first you hear about ONE Brands, read on for our review of the product.

ONE Brands is popular for their bold flavors. Instead of tasting bland, as most low-sugar products do, the company strives to stand out from the rest and work hard on ensuring their protein bars don’t sacrifice flavor. As you’re likely aware, eating healthy isn’t too difficult, but what you’re eaitng is probably not very tasty.

The Pumpkin Pie ONE Brands bar is the first one I sample from the company and it has me very curious to try others. I received a pack so I was able to share with a few friends, none of which had anything negative to say about them. However, some (myself included) did find that the pumpkin flavor is incredibly strong. Whether this is good or bad is up to you!

If you love all things Pumpkin, particularly pumpkin spice, this bar is for you! But if you only enjoy a hint of pumpkin at a time (as I do), you may not be too fond of this bar. Make no mistake, this isn’t to say it’s not tasty, I recognize good quality products when I try them, I’m only suggesting it’s a large does of pumpkin if you aren’t used to it.

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I’m curious to learn if their other bars are as bold in their flavors. I’ll definitely be searching for the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Birthday Cake bars, two taste I enjoy any time of the year. To check out everything ONE Brands has to offer, find them online HERE.