Harry & David Pumpkin Butter: The no fuss, smooth spread every family needs

Harry and David Pumpkin Butter photo by Sandy Casanova
Harry and David Pumpkin Butter photo by Sandy Casanova /

Tired of wrestling with your spread and craving some pumpkin butter? Harry and David has just what you need!

As most of you know, when it comes to food I receive, I prefer taking my own photos. I believe this provides a more genuine review for readers who wish to see how the product actually looks like outside of advertisements and commercials. Not everything is photogenic, though, so I do have to use promotional photos a few times. Thankfully, not very often. But when a learned Harry & David Pumpkin Butter was on the way, I thought this would be one of the products I need promo images for.

Think about it! Butters and other spreads are sticky and tough to work with. Having a 5-year-old, I’m way too often making peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and struggling the entire time to smoothly apply. Why are spreads so difficult to, well, spread ? So imagine my surprise when Harry and David Pumpkin Butter fully cooperated with me!

As a mom, this was such a joy. Hey, it’s the little things that count! This Pumpkin Butter is beyond smooth and, as I immediately learned, just a little bit goes a long way! I packed my butter knife with a dramatic amount (again, I have terrible experiences with spreads and didn’t know what to expect) and found that I had enough for two slices of bread. Two and a half, really, but I got greedy with it and used it for two slices.

Harry and David Pumpkin Butter photo by Sandy Casanova
Harry and David Pumpkin Butter photo by Sandy Casanova /

Right away, I knew I would be able to use my own photos and darn it I’m proud of them! Easy to spread, no drips, no mess, no fuss! Best of all, and what matter most, it is delicious! My husband and 5-year-old declared this to be their new favorite.

A little warning, moms, this does have a lot of sugar. I would stick to putting this on mini bagels or a small pancake for the kids and giving them no more than 2. Adults, eat as much as you’d like, I’d say we deserve it after years of wrestling with PB&J.

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One 9.5 oz jar will set you back $6.99 and it’s worth every penny. Find it here. Again, less is more with this Pumpkin Butter, so one should last you for a while. Can I brag that I received two? I’m set for the season!