Underrated Treat: Sour Patch Kids are the king of gummy candy

Sour Patch Kids combines sweet and sour into one amazing bite. What other candy gives you both flavors in one bite? Let’s discuss this underrated treat.

Forget the gummy bears, put away the Swedish fish, and throw away your gummy worms. It’s time to level up to the ultimate sour candy – Sour Patch Kids. Why are they so great? They satisfy every craving you could have. They’re gummy, they’re sweet, they’re sour, and they’re delicious. What’s not to love?

Sure, they aren’t peanut butter cups or M&Ms or any of the more popular candies out there, but sometimes, you just need something sour and sweet to get through the day.

My obsession with them started when I was a kid and wanted anything sour. Warheads, sour straws, sour Skittles, I tried it all. But after one too many Warheads, my tongue decided to revolt. That wasn’t a problem with Sour Patch Kids. They are sour enough that you get that hit but they quickly turn sweet so you’re able to actually enjoy them.

The obsession went away for a while, but returned when I needed a way to get through three-hour lectures. Nothing works better than a sugar rush! I would buy boxes of the sour candy and eat a whole box per class and I would stay alert the whole time (we won’t talk about the sugar crash after…).

And there’s a Sour Patch Kid for every person’s taste. There’s the originals, watermelon-flavored, spicy (this is not a joke), zombie-shaped, tropical, extreme, and there’s even a cola-flavored version coming out. There’s even a Sour Patch Kids cereal if you want to start the day off with candy (who doesn’t?) and Sour Patch popsicles for those who want a frozen treat.

They also help get out any rage/aggression you might be bottling up. How? Since they’re shaped like small humans, you can bite off their little heads like they’re a gummy gingerbread man! Honestly, what aren’t these sour candies good for?

So take a trip down the candy aisle and pick up a bag (or box) or grab some in the checkout aisle. They may be just the thing you need to satisfy your cravings for something sweet and sour. You won’t be disappointed.

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