A drive-thru Chipotle is coming near Mickey Mouse


Chipotle has finally come to its senses realizing that tourists visiting Walt Disney World needed a drive-thru version of the popular fast-food chain.

It took this long for Chipotle Mexican Grill to realize tourists visiting Walt Disney World needed its own “Chipotlanes.” According to the Orlando Weekly, the popular fast food chain is opening the first-ever “Chipotlanes” Chipotle in Kissimmee near Walt Disney World this November. Until now, Floridians and tourists were living in Chipotle dark ages, having to get out of our cars and go inside the restaurant.

If they were extra lazy, they would rely on DoorDash to have their food delivered, for a fee. After November, we would be in the glorifying light of drive-thru, for Kissimmee, at least.

When it opens, the Kissimmee “Chipotlanes” will be just the 11th location offering customers the grand opportunity to not have to leave their cars to have the Chipotle experience. You would still have the option to experience Chipotle the old-fashion way, but this new experience will certainly be a hit for fans of the fast food restaurant who are dirt-tired from walking 59 miles inside the Walt Disney World resort.

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The new Chipotle “Chipotlanes” will also be adjacent to the 300-acre Margaritaville Resort Orlando, giving resort goers there an opportunity to experience Chipotle on the go. We’ll write a detailed review of the new “Chipotlanes” to see if they stack up to the undisputed king of the drive-thru, Chick-fil-A, which is darn-near militant in how they do customer service.

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Which reminds me, be on the lookout for a new Guilty Eats series premiering soon based on drive-thrus. Trust me, it’s going to be fascinating, just like the “Chipotlanes.