Most Stuf Oreos are back to satisfy your creme-filled cookie cravings


Most Stuf Oreo cookies are coming back to a supermarket near you! The overstuffed versions of everyone’s favorite cookie is back for a limited time.

Who doesn’t like Oreos? They are the best cookie not made in your grandmother’s kitchen. The crunchy chocolate cookie and the sweet, smooth creme filling make the perfect combination. It doesn’t get better than that, right? It does when they triple the amount of cream inside!

Forget the regular Oreo and even the Double-stuffed (let’s not even talk about the travesty that is Oreo Thins). They cannot compare to the gloriousness of the Most Stuf Oreo. It has like three times the creme between the two cookies. YUM!

The bad part about these cookies is that they aren’t available all year round. They hit stores earlier this year, but went away after a few months. Apparently, we just can’t handle that much Oreo goodness all the time. It would be too much good.

Luckily, according to Delish, the Most Stuf Oreos is coming back this Winter. And according to a few foodie Instagram accounts, it looks like it won’t be until January or February. We will have to suffer through the holidays without these mondo creme-filled delights.

But they won’t be around forever this time, either. These are a limited-edition product which means you need to stock up while you can! If you really want to make them last (and have amazing willpower), you might want to ration how many you eat per day.

Apologies if you like the cookie better than the creme. You made your (very wrong) choice. You must stick with it. But for those us who like the filling better than the cookies, our time has come again!

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Will you be checking out these overstuffed cookies? What’s your favorite part of the Oreo? Let us know in the comments below!