Junk food report: Which states are eating the most junk?


A new report from Lifesum is calling out 16 of the most junk food-obsessed states! Is yours on the list? Only one way to find out!

Lifesum is calling out New Jersey, Kentucky, and several others in their new report after gathering data to reveal the top states eating the most junk food. In all honesty, after taking a look at the report, I’m shocked my state, Texas, is nowhere on it. I should be proud of that, but I’m disappointed. I consider Texas one of the best foodie states! Let’s get to eating, guys!

To be fair, it’s easy to cheat Lifesum’s system. The way they collected the data is by having consumers log what they eat and drink. Participants are also asked to note their exercise habits and document their weight. Was everyone truly honest here?

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According to the results, Alabama, Mississippi, Wyoming, North Dakota and Kentucky are eating the most high-caloric junk foods with few nutrients. Let’s have a look at the top 16 junk food loving states. These are the states that “craved the most of the 27 junk foods identified by Lifesum as high-caloric”:

  1. Alabama: corn dogs, fries, nuggets and pop tarts
  2. Mississippi: burgers, fried chicken and cinnamon rolls
  3. Wyoming: glazed jelly donuts, KFC and beer
  4. North Dakota: cookies and shakes
  5. Kentucky: cheesecake and curly fries
  6. Hawaii: soda and mud pies
  7. Utah: chocolate
  8. Washington: chocolate
  9. New Jersey: pancakes
  10. Iowa: pizza
  11. Georgia: waffles
  12. West Virginia: blooming onion
  13. Nebraska: brownie bites
  14. New Hampshire: ice cream
  15. North Carolina: Oreo shakes
  16. Louisiana: Popeyes

I have a few objections here. I don’t think beer, shakes, soda, ice cream, or chocolates should count as “junk food”. They’re junk, sure, and food, of course. But when I read this report and saw “junk food,” I imagine meals such as corn dogs, fries, pizza, etc. Basically, something that qualifies as part of a meal. An unhealthy meal, but still. That said, it appears Alabama and Louisiana love their junk food! And who can blame them? Corn dogs and Popeyes are the best!

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I see Mississippi must have some amazing burgers, and I didn’t think New Jersey loved pancakes that much. What’s your favorite junk food? Did you state make it on the list? If so, is it for an actual food or just ice cream?