McDonald’s weddings in Hong Kong are a thing and they’re kind of amazing


Since 2011, McDonald’s lovers in Hong Kong have been able to actually plan a McWedding, which includes pre-wedding Big Macs!

We all know that planning a wedding can be stressful and time-consuming. But what if you wanted to get married in an unusual place? In Hong Kong, McDonald’s actually offers their services as a wedding venue, and while we may have a few questions, thanks to one YouTuber, we are actually pretty impressed by this whole thing.

As Delish reports, one popular YouTuber, Safiya Nygaard, actually married her fiancé in a special McWedding recently, which she posted a video of to her channel. In the video, we get to see just how impressive a McDonald’s wedding in Hong Kong can actually be.

We are talking about being greeted by employees, getting Big Macs before the ceremony, and even having heart-shaped balloons as part of the decor. And what makes this even better is the cost. While most weddings can be ridiculously pricey, for a McWedding, we are talking about a bill of approximately $380.

Even at McDonald’s, no two weddings are going to be the exact same. And it turns out that Nygaard and her new husband Tyler Williams opted for a full meal before the actual ceremony, as well as an MC for the party. Of course, since they were in Hong Kong, they also got to indulge in menu items that are only available there and not in the U.S., such as Shake-Shake fries (these are french fries that have been coated in seasoning usually used in ramen).

When planning your McWedding, you can opt for Chinese or Western decorations. Plus, there are other add-ons to choose from including different types of balloons and even covers for the seats.

Honestly, it feels like McDonald’s went all out in figuring out how to help plan the perfect wedding. And if that’s not one of the weirdest things to consider, I am not sure what is.

While you may be looking for something more elegant and classic for your wedding, at least you know that if you really wanted something different for your big day, McDonald’s has you covered. Or at least the McDonald’s in Hong Kong does.

Check out this video of Safiya Nygaard’s McWedding:

Even though these McDonald’s weddings have been around since 2011, it’s always nice to see people refreshing our memories. After all, with these only being available overseas, we sometimes forget about all the cool things that fast food restaurants have to offer (at least if you live outside the U.S.).

We definitely appreciate the fact that Nygaard shared her McWedding with her YouTube followers, as it gave us the perfect opportunity to fall in love with this unique wedding idea. And yes, we kind of love this wedding package, as it is not only a lot less expensive than a traditional wedding, but it is also the kind of crazy, cool experience that would be fun to relive years later. Besides, how many people can really say that they got married in McDonald’s with Big Macs as their pre-wedding meal?

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What do you think of McDonald’s offering weddings in Hong Kong? Would you do something like this for your big day? Tell us what you think in the comments.