State Fair of Texas final weekend: What not to miss

State Fair of Texas, photo by Carlos Perez
State Fair of Texas, photo by Carlos Perez /

It’s a sad time for Texans as this is the last weekend you can enjoy the State Fair of Texas!

The State Fair of Texas is nearly over! To say I’m sad for it to go is an understatement. I, like I’m sure most Texans did, went to the fair opening day! I love how most people are at school or work, it means the State Fair is less crowded and it just feels so fun to be one of the first in the crowd to soak it all in. I plan to stop by on the final day! So, when is the State Fair of Texas over?

This year’s fair went ran from Friday, Sep. 27 all the way through Sunday, Oct. 20 — so this Sunday is your final chance to try all the rides, play all the games, and most absolutely try all the food! There’s so much going on, though, what is there to absolutely not miss? How can you have the best State Fair of Texas day? Well, we’re not experts (sorta), but here’s a fun guide to follow:

Step 1: Food: That’s right, head on over to the food tents (after purchasing your tickets, of course)! Get a meal and drink, but hold off on snacks! You’ll have plenty of time for that later. (Check out the new food items available, HERE.)

State Fair of Texas
State Fair of Texas, photo by Carlos Perez /

Step 2: Enjoy a show: Listen to me, you don’t want to hit the rides just yet. Not on a full belly. Let is all settle down by walking around and enjoying a show. For starters, they’re free! You’ll be able to absorb what the State Fair has to offer: Culture, talent, family fun! Check out the family activities happening at State Fair of Texas HERE.

Step 3: The Midway: Now that you’re not bloated with some greasy and fried treats, it’s time for the rides. The Texas Star Ferris Wheel is a must, of course, but I would go on this one later in the evening. It’s always more magical at night. Instead, ride the Texas Skyway, take the kids to the carousel, the Sparkletts Log Flume, and more! Don’t play any games just yet, you’ll be stuck carrying your prize around all night.

Step 4: More food: Calm your thrills with more food. This time, indulge in it all! A meal, snacks, new foods, old favorites, and fun drinks.

Step 5: Selfies: If you don’t take a selfie at the State Fair of Texas, did you even go?! Walk around, find a good spot (there are so many) and snap a photo! There is still time to grab food if you bump into something tasty-looking while enjoying the sights.

Step 6 and 7: Ferris Wheel and games: Okay, now it’s time to ride the Texas Star Ferris Wheel and play some games. You can do this in the order you’d like. Either play games on your way out of the fair or before the Ferris Wheel.

fried food
Photo: State Fair of Texas.. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

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Have you gone to the fair yet this year or were you waiting for the final weekend? What’s your favorite thing to do while at the fair? Do you have a favorite food or crave the newest additions? Be sure to share with us, and enjoy the last couple of days at the State Fair of Texas!